About Rehab Detox Treatment

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We are operating as a private alcohol and drug treatment program. Our mission is to supply critical services for those individuals affected by chemical or psychological dependency on drugs or alcohol, as well as, those suffering from dual diagnoses. Rehab Detox Treatment Center provides total drug and alcohol treatment from detoxification to outpatient counseling. Our inpatient residential program and partial hospitalization services are but one aspect of what we do. We also provide intense outpatient therapy and alumni assistance.

Our substance abuse treatment program is quite comprehensive. Our addiction specialists perform an initial intake with addiction assessment on all our patients trying to find out not only the level of addiction and chemical dependency, but also if there are underlying disorders causing the addiction, looking for any dual diagnosis that doctors and staff should be made aware of. Once a patient is admitted as a resident, he or she will go through a medically assisted detox before any talk of recovery or counseling occurs. Patients still physically dependent upon drugs and under their influence cannot begin a proper recovery.

Once we have been able to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and assisted you or your loved one through a medical detoxification we can then begin counseling towards recovery.

Every addiction is different as is every addict. The important point we try to remember is that the goal is recovery; therefore we are willing to do whatever it takes to see you through this nightmare. Our staff’s motto is: whatever works.

When the board came together to create our facility we knew that we wanted to have a team of medical doctors, specialized addiction specialists and counselors, and people who had been through the treatment program successfully. We felt that this mix would not only provide a safe and productive path to recovery, but one where there was a real light at the end of the tunnel. “If I can do it, you can do it”, that’s what we wanted to convey when we hired people who have been sober for over five years or more. Showing our patients that it is possible to withdraw from opiates and stay off of them, showing alcoholics that you can be sober and successful was very important to us—just as important as hiring the best medical doctors in this practice area.

Our alcohol and drug treatment center is situated on a 4 acre private campus that has been built with the goal of healing and serenity in mind. We offer a medical detox facility that is separate from other areas of the holistic recovery retreat, as well as a Therapeutic Treatment Center, male and female pools, a dining hall, Wellness Center, Recreational Activities Center, an Alternative Therapy Center for acupuncture and yoga, and even a meditation garden with water falls. We designed the facility with the mission in mind. When you leave the outside world for our facility you will be full enclosed in a warm, compassionate environment of healing and recovery.

An Addiction Recovery Program with Proven Results!

Recovery from addiction is one part physical and three parts mental. We knew that we wanted to give our patients motivation, as well as, medical intervention and relapse prevention. We wanted to give hope, as well as, classes on managing triggers. We wanted to give examples, as well as educational groups. This treatment center is not only our best offering of medical treatments and psycho-social counseling, but it is the most comprehensive and developed program we’ve ever put together for addiction recovery.

Our drug rehab and alcohol treatment center is a community-based alcohol and drug treatment program where you have both tailored individual treatment plans, as well as, group support and peer counseling within the same facility.

We believe that we can help you find healing. We’re here to make your recovery a reality