Our mission has always been, first and foremost, to provide exemplary and comprehensive addiction treatment services to individuals who are chemically or psychologically dependent upon drugs or alcohol.

The board at Rehab Detox Treatment is comprised of addiction specialists and career medical professionals. Rehab Detox Treatment is the end result of years of addiction treatment and communicating evidence-based results among our professional staff of certified and accredited addiction treatment specialists. The idea was to look at successful rehab treatment facilities to identify the most successful and effective methodologies of previous facilities and incorporate them into a single cost-effective, compassionate, medical and therapeutic treatment program.

As you review our facilities and our programs you will gain a better understanding of the thought and collaboration that went into the creation of Rehab Detox Treatment. All of our programs from detox to outpatient have been designed over a course of years to get the best results, in the most cost-effective and clinically profound way.

Finding the path

Rehab Detox Treatment is about helping our patients find that individual path for successful recovery and to do so in safety and with the type of compassion that enables addicts to be fruitful. Quality alcohol abuse treatment and drug addiction treatment will always prevail when the addict is willing to accept it, and therefore one of our major missions is to create a safe haven and serene environment so that addicts feel free to embrace the program.

Drug abuse recovery occurs when there is a successful facilitation of the mind-body healing process. Addiction is a damaging disease that harms the physical body, the mind, and the emotional connections of the addicted. Our drug treatment center is not successful without being able to combine therapies and interventions in such a way that the patient is able to find healing in all of these important and key areas of his or her existence.

Our mission is to utilize the best of medical intervention, cognitive and behavioral therapies and family outreach to create a positive recovery experience for all who walk through our doors. We want to provide not only medical and behavioral treatment, but true healing. Our patients will have moved through a tailored program that detoxifies the body, helps sort the emotional history of addiction, and targets areas of thought and behavior that induce drug use so that when he or she is at the point where they may reach out to family and friends the change will be obvious and profound. We want to be that center that initiates and facilitates healing of a complex disease.

We believe that we can define success for ourselves when we are able to help our patients achieve those goals they set when they walked through our doors and when they are able to walk back out again and live in a state of sobriety.