Addiction Treatment, Our Mission and Our Methods

Alcohol and drug treatment methodologies differ from center to center, from standard to holistic, from gender-based to religious. Our goal at Rehab Detox Treatment was to create a comprehensive program that incorporates the best of each type of modality in one location. Our new flagship 4 acre drug and alcohol treatment facility incorporates various effective and evidence-based methodologies on one campus. The program and the facility were designed specifically to offer a multi-modal opportunity for individuals and their families dealing with chronic addiction.

Goals of Treatment

The goal of our treatment program is to do everything within our power to help our clients have a life of sobriety, which means that not only do we have to detoxify the body of drugs and/or alcohol but also we must prepare the individual fully for life outside a drug treatment center. Detoxification from drugs or prolonged alcohol use is a very important first step, but it is not the end of the line for the addict. He or she must learn how to avoid relapse and to live without drugs and alcohol in a world where drugs and alcohol are all around them.

Of all the tasks we assign ourselves, this one task is our most important. We have not succeeded if the client leaves our doors unprepared for what faces them in the outside world.

This single goal determines the types of treatments used and the methodologies employed, as well as the intensity and the length of treatment. If you seek only to rid the alcoholic or drug addict of the immediate symptoms of their addiction and don’t resolve the underlying issues of that addiction the individual becomes a candidate for a quick relapse. However, when healthier functioning is the goal, when both the mental and physical well-being are treated in such a way that cognitive understanding and behavioral changes are made for the better, you have given the client the tools he or she require to live a life without drugs or alcohol.

Choosing the Right Drug Treatment Program

What is the right treatment program? The easy answer is: whichever one works. The answer is simple, but the method is complex. Our approach to treatment is to work with the client in an evolving strategy regarding their addiction.

Comfortable and safe medical detoxification is the first step of our program because it is essential to the addict’s physical recovery, and assists with providing motivation for continual recovery. From there we work on defining and refining those skills that he or she will need to continue their abstinence and build their mental and emotional muscles so that when they leave the facility they are able to maintain that sobriety indefinitely.

If You Have the Will to Help Yourself, We Have the Means to Help You!

Our 4-acre facility has various residential buildings and treatment centers so that we can offer our clients real choice in treatment. We offer medical intervention and drug detoxification in our private medical building where doctors and nurses remain on staff 24 hours a day. Our Serenity Lounge is available for meditation in a placid environment that relies upon sound, vibration, soothing images, and binaural beats to help the mind heal from the anxiety and pressure of drug addiction. Yoga classes are offered, as well as, various sports therapies. The heart and soul of our drug rehab is in the various therapy programs, both individual and group, that we tailor according to the individual addict’s needs and requirements.

Recovery is a process. It begins the moment you decide you want to live without drugs or alcohol, but it does not end when you walk outside our doors. It is a life-long journey that we are responsible for preparing you for. We do this in many ways.

  • Drug Detox
  • Inpatient Rehab (IR)/Residential Rehab
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs(PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Inpatient Rehab /Residential Treatment –Our facility was designed with the inpatient resident in mind. Our patients undergo highly individualized and intensive therapeutic methods and treatments while living on campus. We offer individual and group therapy programs, as well as, targeted therapies in a holistic environment. Residential drug and alcohol treatment programs last between 30-90 days.

Partial Hospitalization – Our facility’s medical building is the site of our medical program. This program is designed for those who have a stable environment or living situation but still require medical monitoring. Our medical treatment programs run 3-5 days a week, for 4-6 hours per day.

Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) – Intensive outpatient programs meet at the very least 3 days a week for 2-4 hours a day or more. The major thrust or focus of these programs is relapse prevention.

There are many paths that will lead you out of addiction. Let us help you find them.