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Inpatient Detox – Medical Intervention Drug Treatment Program

Our inpatient treatment program and medical alcohol and drug detoxification program at Rehab Detox Treatment provides compassionate medical intervention services and treatment for individuals who are chemically dependent and suffering the effects of alcoholism and drug abuse. Our detoxification treatment program is able to provide those patients who require a safe withdrawal from drugs or alcohol with a medical environment for their detoxification. Our staff is there to monitor patients, stabilize their condition and thus diminish the risks associated with withdrawal, as well as, provide medical oversight to those biomedical complications that can occur with the quick cessation of a drug.

Our rehab program and drug treatment will follow detoxification, thus providing patients with holistic and therapeutic modals that will enable them to manage their own health and make appropriate choices for long-term recovery.

Inpatient Detox and Partial Hospitalization Programs

Our mission with either the full residential program or partial hospitalization is to facilitate your body’s recovery from the physical effects of drug dependency. To this end, we have put together a team of addiction specialists who have managed the care of individuals suffering from all manners of substance abuse, including dual diagnosis. Our team has designed an evidence-based, effective treatment program that can be tailored quickly for your individual concerns and needs. So whether or not you suffer from an addiction to crystal meth or long-term alcohol abuse, we have not only an approach to detoxification but also the capability to efficiently meet your individual needs through the withdrawal process.

What Happens When You Enter Detox? (877) 214-6008

Rehab Detox Treatment is a comprehensive medical program for clients who require detoxification from chemical dependency in a medically supervised environment. Detoxification is at best an uncomfortable process, at worst, a dangerous one. Most medical doctors will not recommend detoxification at home for alcohol or long-term drug addiction for this reason. When a patient enters our drug treatment center or alcohol rehab they are evaluated and put into a chemical detoxification, or “drug detox” under the direct supervision of medical personnel where they are monitored while undergoing the process of withdrawal for any signs of medical distress.

Everyone understands the dangers of drug overdose or drug poisoning. It is an acceptable risk to most addicts because the alternative feels like death. Tabloids are scattered with stories of rock stars and celebrities dying in their homes or hotel rooms from a fatal overdose.

However, not everyone understands the dangers of attempting to go cold turkey alone.

There are some drugs that will make you feel uncomfortable when you cease using them, and there are other drugs that can be potentially fatal when the body is withdrawing from them. Alcohol, surprisingly, is one of those drugs. The cessation of alcohol can bring on delirium tremens which can cause death without immediate medical intervention. Drugs like benzodiazepines or opiates can cause seizures or respiratory failure in addicts.

For this reason we recommend to anyone attempting cessation to at least admit yourself or loved one into a partial hospitalization program even if you cannot afford or your insurance does not cover inpatient rehab.

Drug Detox and Holistic Drug Treatment

We know that this is a scary time for addicts and their families. The withdrawal process is one of the main reasons addicts postpone treatment and sobriety. They already know the feeling of being without their drug even if only for a few hours. The anxiety and the physical, flu-like symptoms are a huge deterrent to seeking treatment. However, these feelings can be alleviated in the right environment.

Rehab Detox Treatment! Our treatment center utilizes a holistic approach to drug treatment and drug detox. Our program marries the more traditional intervention or “medical detox” with that of guided biofeedback sessions. We gently work through the discomfort of withdrawal using music, vibrations, images, and binaural beats in our Serenity Lounge in order to create a naturally-induced meditative and contemplative state. The goals of biofeedback therapy are to engage the mind in positive, emotional thoughts through deep breathing, focus, and relaxation. These sessions have been highly successful for those individuals just starting recovery who need both physical and emotional healing.

The addict has spent years sustaining abuse to their bodies and minds. By coupling the medical drug detox with biofeedback sessions we are able to gently ease the addict into a state where he or she can receive the benefits of behavioral and cognitive therapies.

Drug detox in a medically supervised environment is safe. In fact, it’s much safer than trying to go cold turkey at home, but more than that it’s easier. Drug detoxification in an environment such as ours comes with the benefit of having a trained staff who knows how and when to alleviate the symptoms your body is putting you through. We know how to walk you through the process in such a way that feels comfortable and can alleviate the mental and physical stress of addiction losing its grip on your body and mind.

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